Why choose Marjanovic Law?

- We are a great team made of strong individuals – young and inspired attorneys with excellent legal skills.

- We make our work a pleasure, both for us and for our clients. Our team is always available to give our clients support they need.

- The highest quality is our standard. Clients’ confidence is our priority.

Marjanovic Law gathers ambitious and perspective team of young attorneys at law which is adorned by extraordinary individual qualities as well as knowledge and experience. Our team is ready to focus all of its knowledge, skills and experience in order to provide the best answer to clients' demands in every moment.

We continuously invest in training and professional development of all members of our team and support innovative ideas with the aim of continuous improvement of our capabilities and knowledge in order to keep pace with our clients’ needs and challenges of modern business.

We have gained our experience through the most challenging engagements that legal profession can offer. Beside the quality services, we are recognized on the market by the wide spectrum of our clients both domestic and multinational, either in public or private sector.

Our attorneys at law are specialized in providing legal counseling in the area of corporate, labor law, competition law, intellectual property law, M&A, drafting all types of contracts, legal representation of business entities in all kinds of judicial, arbitration and other proceedings and many other areas in the field of modern law practice.

We believe that creating a good relationship with a client as well as understanding every aspect of an individual engagement is equally important as service we provide. Therefore we are trying to meet our clients’ needs in a comprehensive and thorough way, in the shortest period of time.

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