Food and beverage industry

Different trends continuously move through food and beverage industry, such as organic foods or new and exotic flavors. Change in consumer demands dictate the producers’ strategies. Food and beverage industry, including agriculture, is one of the most attractive sectors in Serbia in terms of investments, that accounts about 13,1% of total FDI since 2001 (source: […]


Healthcare is one of the largest, fastest growing industries in the world. However, it is the most regulated one, with rapidly changing regulations often conflicted between different markets. Companies operating in this specific sector need to understand how these laws impact their operations while facing the rise of research and development costs, loss of patent […]

Technology and telecommunications

Technology and telecommunications industry in Serbia has recorded immense growth during the past couple of years, and both local and international companies are in search of talented skillful people, developing existing or exploring new solutions.

Real Estate

Real estate industry has become increasingly challenging, but profitable sector worldwide. Emerging countries become target markets for both local and foreign investors. Many significant real estate projects are being carried out in Serbia at this point, with many more to come. And all good projects require careful analysis and legal expertise in order to be […]

Retail & Wholesale

Retail and wholesale include largest number of companies on every market. With its preferential bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, Serbia has free trade market consisting of more than 1 billion people that includes the EU, the Russian Federation, USA, Kazakhstan, Turkey, SEE, EFTA and CEFTA countries, and Belarus. During past few decades, various reputable brands, […]

Public Sector

The Government of Serbia is in the process of privatization of major public enterprises. Many companies in different areas are in the process of sale or expected to be available for sale soon. Serbian companies have established relationships with clients across EU, CEFTA, and Eurasian Economic Union. On the other side, many international companies have […]


Automotive industry is often the most attractive activity of each economy. The production range of Serbian vehicle manufacturers consists of passenger and commercial cars; and light, medium and heavy trucks and buses. Serbia also has companies that produce trailers, semi-trailers or vehicle superstructures and spare parts. Some of key Serbian advantages are wide pool of local […]

Energy Sector

Energy sector records largest transactions, but also largest controversy in the past few decades. In June 2016, the Government of Serbia adopted a package of decrees setting out a new incentives scheme for renewable energy in the country, causing dynamic investment opportunities in this sector, with special focus on renewable resources. We have great experience […]

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry represents one of the key industrial sectors worldwide. No matter the level of economic development, this industry undoubtedly signifies one of the pillars of economic activity, not just because of the overall health record of the population, but also because of importance and value of transactions in this specific area. Pharmaceutical is specific […]