Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical industry represents one of the key industrial sectors worldwide. No matter the level of economic development, this industry undoubtedly signifies one of the pillars of economic activity, not just because of the overall health record of the population, but also because of importance and value of transactions in this specific area.

Pharmaceutical is specific branch of industry, both in its structure and business operations. Development of pharmaceutical treatment is costly and long-term process, ample with risks. This branch of industry is perceived as one of the most contradictive – although it gives enormous contribution in medical treatments and increase of life quality, the public still perceives it as one of the least trusted industry. Although the list of the largest global pharmaceutical companies has not changed significantly in years, during past several years more and more research and development companies appear, but also new branches of largest international companies are established in emerging markets.

Investors from many countries have expressed interest in acquisition of companies operating in chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Serbia.

Our track record in transaction work is complemented by specialist expertise in the areas of law that are key for pharmaceutical companies – anti-trust, dispute resolution, intellectual property rights, tax, and real estate.