30. Jan 2018

The electronic registration of entrepreneurs is enabled at the Serbian Business Registers Agency (hereinafter: the SBRA) as of 1 January 2018. Now the entrepreneurs can register without going to the counter of the SBRA but doing it completely online and besides that, for less amount of money and for much shorter time.


Namely, the fee for the electronic registration service amounts 1,000.00 RSD, unlike the fee paid in the usual procedure of submitting the documents at the counter of SBRA, which amounts 1,500.00 RSD.


Submission of a registration application


The first step in the realization of the electronic registration of an entrepreneur is the creation of a user account in the System for centralized user registration governed by SBRA. Thereafter, the access to the portal which contains the electronic application is enabled.


The applicant for the registration may only be an adult natural person, who owns a qualified electronic certificate (electronic signature). The document must be signed using an electronic signature application, which can be downloaded on the SBRA website. Also, it is required that each applicant has an electronic card reader installed on his computer.


The payment of the registration fee is done exclusively electronically, using the payment cards (Visa, MasterCard). The application for the electronic payment of fees is also available through the SBRA portal.


The electronic application of the registration may be submitted by an authorized representative, in which case the authorization for the submission of the application must be attached in following forms:


  • in the form of an electronic document, signed using an electronic signature of the natural person in whose name the application is being submitted, or
  • in the form of a digitized act which is identical to the original, confirmed by a qualified electronic stamp or a qualified electronic signature of a public notary.


Registration decision


The decision on the registration of an entrepreneur is being brought by the SBRA in an electronic form, signed using a qualified electronic signature of the registry and it is provided with a time stamp. The SBRA sends the decision to the registered e-mail address of a registered entrepreneur or an authorized submitter of an e-application.


Finally, if the future entrepreneurs do not decide to use the new way of registration, paper applications and required documentation may still be submitted to the SBRA counters or sent by mail.