Marjanovic Law attorneys are committed to handling competition and antitrust issues in professional and comprehensive manner, providing consistent and comprehensive advice for its clients.
One of the main goals of our team is to help our clients improve and expand their business while minimizing possible legal risks and achieving top results.

Our attorneys at law offer adequate legal support in accordance with the Competition Law, not allowing the client to ever be exposed to risks.
By using its extensive experience and practice in this field, both at domestic and international level, Marjanovic Law team of attorneys develops innovative and long-term solutions in order to satisfy business needs and improve business of its clients.

Having in mind that legal regulations authorities in most of the countries increasingly improve their antitrust and competition protection activities as well as that the competition law in Serbia is under significant influence of the EU legislation, our team is constantly monitoring regulation changes at the EU level.

Our services include:

  • Advising regarding the business operations;
  • Documentation drafting and conducting the procedure of exemption of restrictive agreements from prohibition;
  • Documentation drafting and conducting the procedure of concentration approval;
  • Representation in proceedings related to breaches of competition;
  • Analysis of contracts and other documents from the aspect of competition protection;
  • Representation before the Commission for protection of competition and other competent authorities.

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