Marjanovic Law attorneys represent companies from various industries, from industrial manufacturing, and construction, to retail, healthcare and high technology. Our clients, as socially responsible companies with large number of employees, strive to fully comply with all labour law requirements and provide the best working conditions for employees. Our range of experience in employment matters allows us to provide relevant, efficient, and practical advice to accomplish business objectives for the benefit of our clients expeditiously and to avoid any potential risks.
Marjanovic Law is available to advise on all legal matters related to employment, drafting employment documentation, negotiations with employees and trade unions, and can provide advice on employee retirement, health and welfare benefits programs.

Marjanovic Law attorneys have in-depth experience with negotiating and drafting collective agreements for companies from various industries.

Considering the significance and complexity of questions arising from the employment relationships, Marjanovic Law team carefully analyses each case and based on that provides corresponding solutions in terms of minimizing potential risks, costs and other legal and financial consequences.

Our long-standing practice and results are the best indicators of our competence with regard to providing adequate advice and representation of our clients.

Services we provide in relation to the labor law issues, among others, include:

  • Representation in employment litigation;
  • Advising regarding the labor law issues;
  • Drafting of complete labor law documentation (collective agreements, employment rulebooks, rulebooks on job organization and systematization, all other general acts as well as the employment agreements and other individual acts);
  • Providing legal advice on all aspects of health and safety at work;
  • Advisory services related to conclusion and termination of employment agreements;
  • Drafting the documentation and complete legal support regarding the procedure of employment termination, including the procedure of employees redundancy;
  • Preparation and drafting the documents necessary for obtaining the temporary residence permits and working permits for foreigners;
  • Advising the clients regarding the assignment of employees to temporary work abroad and their protection.

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