Turbulent period and economic crisis on the global level as well as an increase of competition on the local level led many companies to financial difficulties, increasing the need for restructurings and bankruptcy of significant number of companies. Our extensive experience in this field, along with indept understanding of economic and financial situation in the country and region, allows us to help our clients to achieve optimal outcomes wherever they do business. Marjanović Law attorneys are responsive, they have a good mix of technical ability with practicality.

A true understanding of all of the key players’ different positions is crucial in order to achieve the best possible result. Our commercially focused team has an extensive experience in advising the clients with financial difficulties. Marjanović Law attorneys understand complex issues from both a debtor’s and creditor’s perspective.

Marjanović Law attorneys actively help clients buy and sell assets in bankruptcy cases, and also assist clients with collection of their receivables towards bankrupt companies.

Our lawyers work with clients across the full range of the restructuring process to ensure a maximum recovery whenever a business or public entity faces a financial difficulty.

We’re driven to deliver excellent results and are focused on what our clients strive to achieve.

Our areas of action in the matter of  company restructuring  and insolvency is wide and include:

  • Preparation of documentation necessary for the initiation of a bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Advising the clients during the bankruptcy and reorganization proceeding;
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceeding;
  • Assistance during the drafting of Pre-Pack Reorganization Plan;
  • Assistance when purchasing assets, assets units and the bankruptcy debtor as a legal entity.

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