15. Dec 2017

The Protocol on the Electronic Data Exchange (hereinafter: the Protocol), concluded between the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self-Government of the Republic of Serbia entered into force on 30 November 2017.


The objectives intended to be achieved by the conclusion of this Protocol are more efficient performance of the court proceedings and other judicial proceedings before courts, public prosecutors, notaries and public enforcement officers in the Republic of Serbia, as well as more efficient task performance within the competence of the public administration bodies and local self-government, i.e. task performance in connection with keeping the registers of birth, death and marriage.


The subject of the exchange between the abovementioned Ministries is:

  • The information about persons who participate in court proceedings and other judicial proceedings conducted before courts and notaries, by which the personal status of such participants relevant for keeping the registers of birth, death and marriage is being altered,
  • The data contained in birth, marriage and death certificates.


The type of data which is the subject of the exchange shall be specified in more detail by the Appendix concluded by the authorized persons within the competent Ministries, which shall be an integral part of the Protocol.


By this Protocol, the ministries are obliged to undertake all measures necessary to protect the data throughout the exchange process from any unauthorized access, alteration, publication and any other misuse, as well as to determine the obligation of the persons who are processing the data to keep its confidentiality. Also, the Ministries are obliged to use the obtained data only for the purposes stated in the Protocol and not to transmit it to third parties.


The significance of the Protocol for the participants in the abovementioned proceedings consists in faster data exchange between the authorities which hold relevant data and the authorities which need such data, as well as the needless exchange of paper documents containing such data, and therefore in reduced duration of the mentioned proceedings. In this way, the participants in court proceedings shall be provided with more expedient and more effective protection of their rights and interests, hence the costs of the proceedings before the mentioned authorities may be reduced.


The Protocol has been concluded for an indefinite period of time and in the following period we shall have an opportunity to see the effectiveness and the benefits it should bring us in everyday practical implementation.